Mastering optionsPer song
Single track30 €
2 — 14 tracks (EP/LP/Album)25 €
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How does Online Mastering work?

  1. Press the “Order Now” button;
  2. Upload your music files. You may also upload them to any of free file hosting. (like,;
  3. We do our work (mastering) and send you a sample of a ready file in a format you prefer;
  4. You will need to make payment only in case if you are satisfied with the result;
  5. If any corrections are needed, they will be made according to your comments, and then the file will be sent to you again*;
  6. After the payment is confirmed,  a studio manager will send you the mastered files.

* if after additional refinement you feel that the record needs other changes, you pay 50% deposit, and we refine the mastering once more.


Detailed information concerning payment will be sent to your e-mail in response to order placement.
A system of discounts is available. Special conditions for regular clients are possible, too.

Technical requirements

Dear clients,
In order to achieve the best results, please make sure the following requirements are followed before sending us the files for mastering:

  • Bit resolution: 32 bit float if possible / 24 bit / 16 bit is extremely undesirable, but sometimes acceptable.
  • Sample frequency: 44.1 kHz, 48 kHz or 96 kHz.
  • File formats: wave, aiff
  • Dithering: not required
  • Fades: if possible, please do not do fade in/out.
  • Compression and limiting:  Switch off all limiters, maximizers and finalizers on the master channel of your DAW. Very slight restrictions (limiting) of the peaks is permissible in case you know how does it work.
  • Headroom Very important to reduce the loudness on the master channel’s fader to the peak level about -3 dB. Maximum peak level -1dB, average volume level should not exceed -15 dB RMS.

You’ll simplify our work by providing us a reference track “how it should sound”.

Please, do not forget to give us your comments and desires.